May 1

BTN-Ring of Fire






This BTN video was about Samoa and Sumatra having Earthquakes people think it maybe connected to each other and maybe it might be a coincidence.

Samoa and Sumatra are about 10 kilometers away, the first was in Samoa which got a Earthquake and then the 2nd Sumatra got a earthquake it might be connected. But scientist are still looking in that. Samoa started in September 29th 2009 and Sumatra started in September 30th 2009.

About 90 percent of the world’s Earthquakes go into these places. It is called ring of fire, some of worst Earthquakes were seen in the ring of fire. One of them happened in 2004 that started a Tsunami and that was in the ring of fire.

Tectonic plates drift off on the liquid rock, slowly changing shape and position over time. Scientist say that in millions of years tectonic plates move like when our nails move we don’t notice.

One of my questions is how deep does the platform we stand on?

My second question is would the tectonic plates keep moving or will it stay after millions of years?

My insight is that I now understand that as we speak tectonic plates move and we don’t even notice


April 30


One day they came across a graveyard that of course had graves and a church next to it they all thought to trample on them so they went in and did that came to them saying that they should be punished! It had the colour of crimson red and black. They heard a story once and said beware of the crimson Mephistopheles! They were frantically scared for life! They couldn’t move one muscle. soon another devil came and became so misty Beelzebub that Mephistopheles soon went away back into hell with his brother. But those 3 scared for life they shouted so loud but none came…

April 18

100WC-Although they ran quickly,they were still not making progress…

Zero and Zachary were at high school they always got bullied they never ever worried about it because they were making a plan it was April 21st they got all the things they had fireworks, paint, plugins, hacks all the things they planned out Zero asked “Are you sure this will work Zachary?” Zachary never said a word but 1 thumbs up, then they were going they saw the school completely empty they quickly put the stuff in the exact spots they were put then a big shout came “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?” they ran quickly,but they weren’t making any progress…

April 16

Book Review- Holes

My book was about a kid named Stanley, His family and Stanley always blamed his pig stealing great great grandfather because his family said that his great great grandfather stole a pig from a farm. His father always tried to find a way to recycle shoes, But then Stanley went to Camp green lake and the place wasn’t like a fun camp it was a deserted wasteland, they had to dig 5 feet into the ground and 5 feet big with a shovel that measured how much you had to dig. The warden wanted to make the kids at Camp green lake find a chest but no one knew that, They had to wake up around about 4:30-4:50 and the warden said they had to dig every single day every time 5 feet down and 5 feet big. Stanley met people who had nicknames they were called Zero, X-Ray, Twitch, and more his nickname was Caveman. But one time Zero went missing Stanley went to find him he saw Zero and they went to big thumb where his great great grandfather found refuge on big thumbs. At the end zero find the chest but it was actually a suitcase the warden said it was hers but it had Stanley’s name on it soon everyone didn’t have to dig now. and that is my review about Holes

March 19

100WC-… but how did he/she get up there?…

I was watching TV when the person said that a baby somehow got up a roof, how did that baby get up there like on top of the roof? I was wondering for two straight hours thinking and thinking I thought of adults helping the baby get on the roof, the baby climbing up a ladder I really did not know. Finally, I realized that it was an 18-year-old person! He was dressed up in a suit climbing things to get on. That is the only thing I could think have I finally went to sleep and didn’t think about anything.

March 15

BTN-Voting Changes





This BTN video was about how the Prime minister wants to make changes to being Senate. And the voters aren’t getting their say.

My first recall is that people were really surprised that the Senates vote were a about a fraction and others were maybe higher.

My second recall is that people vote for their favorite senate to until it ends, and the people who count the vote it would take too long so they choose for the number one that it should get put in, the name is the group voting ticket.

My last recall is that lots of small political parties mostly make ‘preference deals’ and they agree on a preference deal.

My first question is most of time why does people who have like .51% of people vote for this senate and like another 3.51% of people want this senate and the .51% wins?

My second question is that why is the government planning on getting rid of the group voting tickets?

My insight is I now understand that the prime minister is thinking of changing how the senate will be elected and I also now know more about Senates.



March 13


I was going to France to see this massive cup it took 10 hours to get to France. Anyway when I got there I saw the amazing cup the origin says that they wanted to explore this country before it was called France then when they were exploring a human yelled. The other explorers saw that he was crushed and they also saw a enormous cup. It looked like a royal family cup owned from a king but they wondered how a king would have this cup they then thought maybe it was from the sky. I believe that this cup was from god himself.

March 7





This BTN was about the 3 levels of government 1. federal, 2. state and 3. local

1. That Federal has a big responsibility of defending the nation, also managing Australian money, taxes, communications and the environment. State has control of six states and two territories. Also they have another responsibility of taking care of health, education, mining and agriculture.  Also, They watch most of the police and the courts, roads, trains and public transport. And finally local it might not sound like strong things but it has more then 500 local governments and local does local roads, deal with garbage and pets. And they’re in charge of local buildings and permits.

2.Back in the old days of Australia, (states NSW, OLD, VIC, TAS, WA and SA) all the states were their          very own colonies. But in the 1901 the federation of Australia made all the colonies united in the                commonwealth of Australia.

3. The States passed many of their powers because it was too hard alone. Even with state and federal it was still too hard so in the 1970’s they added local government.

1. That in the 1901 how did the State governments find a person to suit federal and local governments?

2. Is that couldn’t they just have all 3 governments already instead of getting federal in 1901 and then another 69 years they add local governments.

My insight is that I now know that State was the very first one to be a government and then federal then local.

March 5

100WC- but what if i was in charge?..

I was in school waiting for the teacher I was about to sleep until he banged the door. Other people were throwing paper planes he said he was going to Japan everyone was just saying like “Why are u going to Japan? It’s freezing over in Japan” I did not care about him leaving because my friends and I hated school not even fraction of liking school. He said that he was picking a STUDENT to be an assistant to help the random teacher. Well I did not get pick for assistant, but who cares right? But what if I was in charge?

February 28

BTN-Young Leaders





The BTN was about the national day of Young leaders and Aussie students of how they will come a leader in the future say how a good leader would be.

That good leaders need: that a good leader has to have a good communication, someone who will inspire a whole country or just 1 person, puts responsibility on them self for being a leader for a whole country and helping it grow into a better country, someone who cares about others, someone who thinks about the good things and the bad things in the country.

There is a place they go to and pick something that is an issue for the country like homeless, bullying etc.

My last recall is that the Aussie are going to a place called National Young Leader day and learning how they can be a great leader in the future like asking questions telling about their skills of being a leader.

My 1st question is can you apply when you are at National Young Leaders day like to convince people your a great leader?

My 2nd question is do high school students the only ones to do the National Young Leaders day thing?

My understanding is that when the past leaders go, a new generation will come and be the leaders and it will happen every time like a cycle