July 21




3 recalls-red

2 questions-blue

1 insight-green

This btn video is about people getting depress for other people saying something they didn’t.

Defamation is when your reputation is taken away.

Rebel Wilson said that a lot of people believed the negative things about Rebel Wilson that weren’t


There are times where you can publish negative things like someone’s opinion or if it’s proved to be true.

1. How can kids also get reported in articles?

2. As it said about Rebel Wilson she proved that those negative things aren’t true how can kids proved that the person isn’t  telling the truth about you.

I wonder can kids publish a negative thing about another child?

July 18

A letter from Ethan

It was a long day from work and received a call from Tommy he ask if I could lend him a hand for buying a chunk of bricks so I went to a workshop and bought bricks I gave the bricks carefully on the ground and Tommy was thankful. I received a letter from Ehan about his school trip he said that he saw a merry go around and didn’t see any signs he went on one but the horse flew off and Ethan got a serious head injury but he survived and there was no more words from that.

May 24


Today was about animal adaptations from the Sea life Melbourne Aquarium.

When we were at the Sea life we saw so many incredible animals there were rays, sharks and fish.

When Mel (the guide person) told us that was a BIG G every one wanted to try and find it but no one did because it was asleep.

Mel told us that the crocodile can have 2 heart beeps a minute and the crocodile can breath 2 hours under water! Mel even told us that crocodiles need fish to clean their teeths or else their teeth will rotten and he will die.

Mel told us that if their really colourful they are poisonus, Mel said to us that they use something to tell that they are poisonus like hi i’m poisonus don’t eat me bye.

What could survive a flood and a drout a Turtle and a lung fish.

Penguin: when a penguin hatches it is brown and looks big thats pretty weird even when it’s 5 months. When predaters are trying to hunt the small Penguins, they look like a boulder because they’re brown.

the Adults bring food to their children until their children are ready to hunt by them selfs they also need blubber (Fat) to keep them warm they eat fish every 7 times they also poop every 17 minutes (ew)

the Gentoo penguins are the FASTEST penguin that can swim! Thats cool!

There were also frogs,snakes,lizards,eels etc

But thats it bye!

May 23

This graph shows peoples Favourite place to go.

Melbourne had 4 people.Gold coast, Perth and Brazil all havve 2 people.

The rest had 1 person.This graph work for the infomation because it could showthe infomation clearly

May 10

100WC-…I just coulden’t eat something so…

my goal is to try make different ages instead of one number between another number (age)

“g.g..o.” I moaned.



“OUCH!” I Screamed.

oh hi my name is Darren and i’m 15 yrs old but it’s just me and my Dad, Dad is 39 yrs old.

“Time for breaky Darren.” said Dad.

I went brushed my teeth got dressed and went downstairs to eat breakfast.

But I saw what was at breakfast something really weird it had 2 eyes, one monobrow, one mouth, red horns

and it was kinda orange.

“Come on eat your breakfast don’t want your breakfast to be cold.” said Dad.

But I coulden’t eat something disgustingly weird and it looks like a red bull.


May 1

100 WC …the slime dripped through..

my goal is to try getting more word choice.


As I walked through the stinky endless rotten cheese on the floor

I saw something odd… I saw a slime dripped through the ceiling looking just like me it came running at me and I, I blacked out.

What should we do with him??” said the slime soldier.

“IIIII don’tttt knowwwww.” Said the other slime soldier.

I saw them they were HUNDREDS of them standing looking at me as if they thought I was there leader or captain when I woke up they

punched me for one check somehow my body turned I was growing so much pain I kept screaming they saw me as their ancient, demonic demon lord…

April 27



This BTN video was about understanding space and if space is infinite.

3 recalls

2 questions

1 insights

1. Is that Earth is the 3rd planet in our solor system.

2.Is that our solor system is just one of more than 500 solor systems in the milky way.

3.Is that our milky one is just 1 of hundreds of billions of galaxies in the Universe.

1.Is that does space continue even further then the Universe or not?

2.Is that does space grow every second of our lives?

1.Is that i know now that you can never find the center when ever you try you always go around a circle or ballon.

March 29

100 WC

“Ahhh what a lovely day.” I said.


“my head.”

wondering why its because our couch is so hard i feel like its a rock.

Just saying i have a girl that is so beautiful but everyone knows she does karate.

I almost got to some kind of weird cute, sick and brown creature best is that I got a piece of hair from it

how cool is that? (probally won’t think so but I would.)

But my mother and father was worried if that thing had rabies.

I had a camera and took a good angled picture of it.

March 26




3 Recalls- red

2 Questions-blue

1 Inight-green

This was about Anh Do and how he came to Australia.

When Anh Do was 2 his family escaped Vietnam and was at sea for 5 days and came to Australia.
There was 2 pirate attacks and a pirate dangles a kid to threatened his life to throw him at sea but spare his life and that was Anh Do’s little brother.

Then Anh Do and his family got rescued by German ships and his parents love germans.

How could pirates attack? Because lots of peolple wouolden’t be able to find pirates?

The other is did those days have humour?

my insight is that i really wonder did they colaborate?


March 10

BTN- Convict Life


3 recalls-red

2 questions-blue

1 insight-green


This BTN was about two people wanting to be a convict and thinking that the convict life is better.

There were 2 soldiers were liking to go to prison and being a convict because they think that Convict LIfe is way better.Assigend Hours, with agreeing with rate of pay.Then they wanted those 2 to be showed as an example.

did the 2 soldiers get into Australia?

did  they do jobs when they were in the metal chains?

i now understand how it would feel like being a Convict.