October 15

100WC- BATH Fighter Danced Orange Clumsily

After the Wedding finished I went to the Bath to have a nice refreshing bath of course, it was so warm, I went to get the soap but clumsily  dropped the soap in the bath. I looked at the orange walls. After I watched my cousin danced with her other dancers. Then I went to watch my brother doing Taekwondo his a fighter. And when they finished we all went to go eat some dinner. I ordered pizza while my cousin went to order some spaghetti and my brother ordered pasta. It was delicious we all went back home and went to bed.

October 11

100WC-…it reminded me of a time when…

Me and dad were going to my dad’s friend, when we were there I saw Wicky he was so fluffy. When we were inside I played Fortnite, Wicky came and I started playing with him. Then… It reminded me of a time when I played with my precious dog Peanut… I felt sad and cried a bit of tears out of my eyes. Then Wicky came and licked them off. I hugged him. I felt like Wicky was a reincarnation of my beloved dog Peanut. I was so happy. After me and my dad went back home and I went to sleep.

October 11

Topic Reflection

3 Recalls-Red

2 Questions-Blue

1 Insight- Green


The Babylonians had knowledge or a thing called the mathematical model to create calendars.

The Babylonians could predict Astronomical Phenomenons. 

The Mayan made the long count calendar and had the count of base 20.


1. My first question is that why did he think that the Earth was in the middle of the universe?

2. My second question is that why didn’t the Mayan not use base 10? Was it not created then?


My Insight is that a lot of Ancient People like the Babylonians and the Mayan studied the stars for so long and some of us continue to study the stars and find the patterns of what the stars do, also the calendar has also been here for a long time.


September 11


Me and my friends were going through the city when a strange huge statue of 2 hands holding onto a iron bar. It was very strange, I wondered why was it positioned like that? Did it have a head, a body, a leg? Did this strange statue get buried? My friends shouted “Declan! Stop daydreaming! Were about to be there!” “Sorry guys! I’ll be right there! I’m probably dumb of course it’s just a statue someone built it I am so dumb right now! “Wait up guys!” Declan shouted. little by little the statue stood up and jumped into the skys…


September 3

100WC- … but what colour should it be? …

Jerry and I were in art painting.

“Harry you know what I’m drawing? A race car!” Jerry exclaimed.

“Well guess what I’m drawing a dinosaur!” I replied.

“But Harry but what colour should it be?” Jerry asked.

“I don’t know but I know a colour, a green and orange Dinosaur!”

while Jerry and I were talking the teacher said.

“Stop we are going to conclude the lesson now we have 5 minutes to pack up so chop chop!” Teacher Phil said.

Jerry and I stop and look  at each other sad I said too Jerry.

“Um Jerry we didn’t even start!”

August 27

100WC-stairs river pink cooked nervous

I was sleeping in my warm bed, when suddenly I hear a loud noise from downstairs, so I brushed my teeth, change clothes and went downstairs when I accidentally trip on the stairs falling down it hurt a lot! I felt like I all my internal organs and my bones! When I finished my breakfast I went to go take a jog around the river with my friends, after my mum was teaching me to cook, My mum cooked the cake she said not to put too much pink coloring I made the worst thing! I put all the pink dye!

August 20

100WC-As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face

I was home alone in my house because well my parents had to work and my sister was out with her friends. So I was getting the all the letters in the mail box. As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face. Just the start of the letter was amazing it was a dollar sign and it said if my parents sign my family will get $100000! I was so excited! I called one of my parents to come and sign. But as my dad and I was reading I knew it was a prank…

August 16

100WC- why would I do that?

I was in class learning about physical or chemical change of the Item like, an egg we were experimenting about it and we put the egg in the microwave for 5 minutes we waited and when it was finished. My friends dared me to do something of course I did not want to be wuss. Therefore, I did it.

“Hey Ryan I dare you to go lick the egg no one will notice!” Declan said.

“DO IT.”

“Fine.” Ryan said.

I licked it and it tasted horrible disgusting I asked myself why would I do that? Am I that Dumb?

August 14

100WC- Flame, Ice, Lime, Regularly, clock

My dad is a chef he always cooks for the family. Today I’m learning how to cook like a chef. So I grabbed the clock and my dad said to put it on the table, so I did. The flames were hot I was baking pancakes. The time was ticking. Regularly the time kept ticking. I put the lime colour in it, put ice in it as well. But my dad said I did it all wrong I was so disappointed in myself so I thought to myself maybe I’m not a chef maybe I should be something that fits me.

August 6


I was walking down the street and I saw a mysterious magic door glowing. So I opened it and it I accidentally fell in! I was walking in a mysterious place and what I found was insanely magical. It was a huge huge dinosaur! So I kept going and it kept changing worlds to dinosaurs, candy, chocolate. I ate a lot of candy and chocolate and I discovered so much. That I had totally forgotten where the blue door was I was Stuck in a eternity! I said my prayers but I apparently found it in front of me the end.