August 16

100WC- why would I do that?

I was in class learning about physical or chemical change of the Item like, an egg we were experimenting about it and we put the egg in the microwave for 5 minutes we waited and when it was finished. My friends dared me to do something of course I did not want to be wuss. Therefore, I did it.

“Hey Ryan I dare you to go lick the egg no one will notice!” Declan said.

“DO IT.”

“Fine.” Ryan said.

I licked it and it tasted horrible disgusting I asked myself why would I do that? Am I that Dumb?

August 14

100WC- Flame, Ice, Lime, Regularly, clock

My dad is a chef he always cooks for the family. Today I’m learning how to cook like a chef. So I grabbed the clock and my dad said to put it on the table, so I did. The flames were hot I was baking pancakes. The time was ticking. Regularly the time kept ticking. I put the lime colour in it, put ice in it as well. But my dad said I did it all wrong I was so disappointed in myself so I thought to myself maybe I’m not a chef maybe I should be something that fits me.

August 6


I was walking down the street and I saw a mysterious magic door glowing. So I opened it and it I accidentally fell in! I was walking in a mysterious place and what I found was insanely magical. It was a huge huge dinosaur! So I kept going and it kept changing worlds to dinosaurs, candy, chocolate. I ate a lot of candy and chocolate and I discovered so much. That I had totally forgotten where the blue door was I was Stuck in a eternity! I said my prayers but I apparently found it in front of me the end.

July 27

100WC-…so, as I looked over the edge, I saw…

I was with my friends Michael and Christoper we were going to school we had to walk through some edges, but then 2 guys came and threatened us! They said “If you one of you doesn’t jump you all die!”

So, as I looked over the edge, I saw the very existence of what seem to be pure fog, I didn’t know what might of been down there, but I couldn’t just stand there while we all might die from 2 random strangers! So I beginning to jump so I did and surprisingly it was just a ocean but.. I was missing for ever…

June 13

BTN-Don’t Panic





This was about 2 families getting up to the test of being in a bush fire and a cyclone.

one of my recalls is that people say that being on the roof of your house is safe. But the “SES” don’t think it’s safe.

My second recalls is that having a lot of people in your family is good because then you can get prepared even quicker then 2 or 3. Never try and evacuate when a flood will come soon or later.

My third recall is not rush or else you will mess things up or won’t think properly.

My first question is what happens if you have 2 stories and your up stairs and your suppose to be down stairs what would happen?

My second question is how would you know if it has stop if your in a concealed place where you can’t hear anything?

I now know that you should not evacuate when a flood might come or cyclones or bush fires.


June 12

100WC-…however, she couldn’t believe what she had done…

The whole 5/6’s were planning a camp to Canberra we thought about things, but during the session for sharing your ideas to play games on the bus she blurted a inappropriate game so loud she didn’t realize… however she realized that everyone look at her she could’t believe what she had said out loud. Everyone sat silent. Then the teacher said. “Everyone back to work!” she got so embarrassed she left the room crying. Everyone laughed and laughed. After the teacher went out and saw her outside next to the door, they talked and talked soon they both came inside.

June 4

100WC-Bridge Sprinkled Pink Daffodil Huge

I was in Spain driving on the famous huge Ponte Vella bridge, I barely saw the daffodils in the corner of my eye. I saw a few pink houses but they look more like red, I didn’t bother to look at them so I just kept going straight but I felt like I kept going in circles. So I stopped and tried to ask people but they didn’t say a word and just kept walking and I was confused why, after I found an ice cream shop I got the one that had sprinkles on it, it was really yummy.

May 28

100WC- (Picture)

I was having a tour around Malaysia and while I was walking around I saw these peculiar kind of spike balls hanging up on the trees I was about to grab one when suddenly

“Hi! Those are Durian or called King of fruits they taste savory, sweet and creamy at the same time. It is supposed to have chives mixed with powdered sugar. It is supposed to taste like diced garlic and caramel poured into whipped cream.” the tour guide said.

So I tried the so called “King of fruit” and it tasted amazingly sweet! but the insides look disgusting.

May 22

Herald Son





This summary was in Africa that caused a earthquake scientist suggest that Africa is splitting into 2 parts.

My 1st recall was that people come to rift valley to take pose pictures and look at the earthquake, They believe that the huge “fault” line  is called evidence of the African continent will break in the next 10 million years.

My 2nd recall is that the earthquake became visible from the rain in Kenya it also cause hospitals falling down, flooding the whole neighborhood and blocking streets or highways. The flood created splits in several kilometers near the town of Mai Mahiu.

My 3rd recall is that the “experts” say that in about 50 million years, the African continent will split apart with the “Somali tectonic plate” which covers the great rift valley. The Experts say that in the 50 million years the Somali plates will most likely move apart from the Nubian plate.

My 1st question is that did Africa have 2 parts originally or just 1 whole part? Because there are Somali and Nubian.

My 2nd question is that did anyone die from the earthquake?

My insight is that I now understand that people all over the world travel to see this earthquake and take pictures.

May 22

Webinar Reflection

Today all of 5/6 and I did Webinar, This person was talking about privacy and safety the first question was that you have to controlling your personal info in the online world. Me and Declan talked about scams we said that there are a lot of scams, when you get one you should close your computer immediately, also we said that you should get fire walls in computers and don’t show pass codes to anyone except your family. In 2017  $90,00 and above dollars have been lost from scammers a example is saving sick puppies and winning a free iphone