December 13

My year

Dear Daniel,

This year was amazingly fantastic with you and our friends, the boyz.

Do you remember the super Mario throw and run?

Do you remember when you and everyone saw the big bugs?

Also nearly pushed naughty Quinn off the little kid’s playground? That time you put the ball down the slide.


My year


This year my class and I have a teacher named Anthony he has helped me improve.

We had many fun activities, excursions and camp, which was a fun camp!

In camp we went surfing, we did a find activity we did snorkelling but I got too cold so I could not see the seals or other fish. 😣

I liked the cereal with milk the bacon was good the other food was ok. Moreover, the BBQ was great! I ate 3 sausages, the PT challenge was a finding activity and was pretty fun I thought my team was going to win because we got all the pictures but we didn’t.😣

In sepep we did indoor soccer we beat everyone. But lost 2 times, which is pretty good because me and some of my team weren’t as good (I wasn’t good ( I am not blaming anyone) I scored about 2 goals, it was really fun. The other thing was gala sports we lost every single match a part from the last match and I had to fill in for the other team which why did it happen to me when we won?

In addition, in winter sport, we did soccer and our team lost every single match one again…

I was a good defender in winter sports and SEPEP there was once a time when the other team in soccer got about 15 goals which is insane! This is my year.

December 1

Poem- Ice pack

When I go to school in hot weather



 I need that ice, ice packing

I don’t need that hot, hot sun

Who needs that ice pack

I do…





Ice, ice packing

My body sweating

With that sun

I need that ice pack!

Everyone need that ice pack

Oh yeah…

Ice, ice packing

And I will say it one more time


November 30

Poem- My life

My life has been good and bad

But don’t others have that?

My life has been when I was a baby to now

I don’t even know what I’m doing

I’ve made so many mistakes

I don’t even know how to fix them

I’m stuck on my own

I’ve had my parents, teachers, peers many more

But this mistake I don’t know

I just don’t know

I just don’t know how to fix this

I want to start a new life but also I don’t

I love this


But I have always thought of my dog



I really really really really really really wish I could bring him back

I don’t know what I would do without him

Every night…

Every day…

I think of him…

I just don’t know how to fix this memory or was it my destiny?

I’m so confused no I’m insanely confused!

I just can’t handle it anymore…

Just go…

I have nothing to say now…

I’m done…

November 29

100WC- Sandwich, Battery, Energetic, white, hurried

My goal is to do a story that is my life.

Today the 100 Word challenge is about a … SANDWICH I mean reasonable wait why do they have weird things like battery. Wait how do I say this word Ener, Ener, gee tic, is that how you say it?

“Ryan what are you doing?” asked Cindy.

“Just trying to do a 100 Word Challenge.”

“Is this how you this word?


“No it’s Energetic.” She replied.

“Thank you Sis, much appreciated.” I said.

Then she left…

Now what else should I write there’s white and hurried I’m so not going to get this complete this…

November 15

Pokémon POEM!

Pokémon poem

I am the master of the Poké knowledge

I got the skills


I am the master to get them all

I got them all for my justice league

I got them all for my champion league

I got them all for my master league

I am the master of the Poké knowledge

I don’t care if people glare at me

I don’t care if people laughed at me

I don’t care if people say I’m crazy

Because that is me!

I am the master of the Poké knowledge


Will collect

Them allllll

In this




November 14

100WC-…… but where would we hide it all?……….

My friends and I were going in the hallway when an announcement said that peter, Mattie and I had to go office. The vice principal said that we stole a Nerf guns from a shop because a shopkeeper said we stole it. I was thinking did I steal it and hide it. Did peter, Mattie do it; I have so many answer right now. I told the vice-principal that we had to think so we went outside talk but no could not remember or think about it. I kept thinking hoping to remember but where would we hide it all?

November 9

POEM “I am the”

I am the son who lives in his house.

I am the brother who annoys my sister.

I am the student who tries in class.

I am the Badminton kid who plays with his dad.

I am the friend who plays with his friends.

I am the Down ball player who gets out first.

I am the Minecraft player who fights a lot.

I am the piano player who messes up a lot.

I am Ryan


November 2

Peanut poem (my dog)

The Brown, black spots on its face

The clear white on its body, on its tail, on its leg

The barking, reflecting off the glass table, the fast quick quiet footsteps

The clean glass table reflecting peanut and me

How did he escape?

The happy, playful feeling when I am with him and the sad, crying feeling without him going to the ground

The sad, crying felling without him slamming my fist back and forth

The crying sensation when he died.

November 2

(joy poem)

Joy at the blowing run of peanut circling me

Joy at this fast, quick tail wagging like a car zooming

Joy at the strikes of playing Minecraft beating them one by one like a hunting tiger

Joy at the pictures of me, my family smiling in the sunshine

Joy at the oval with my friends playing soccer

Joy at the goals we always get like a cheetah zooming pass them

Joy at the sweet stunts while on YouTube

Joy at the pranks like a banana throwing monkey.