February 11

100WC:…it came down the drainpipe..

Promt: it came down the drainpipe:

My brother had a toy boat that could float he was using it when it was on rainy days one day I said he could do it but to be careful so he went outside that day he was following his boat the suddenly he fell because of a sign and hit it he was on the street. When suddenly his boat fell in the drain. Then he saw a clown in the drain. The clown said “Hi Georgie! How you doing?”

George said “How did u get in there?” suddenly the clown bit his arm off.

May 22


fast supper Gloucester cathedral













There it was the beautiful powerful hamburger with hands (very strange)

but if I get that hamburger it says that if you eat it,it will make you POWERFUL!!!

And i’m gonna eat the hamburger!


Not bad


ummmm what is goingg oonnnn AHHH! I’m flying this is the best thing in my life hmmmm but I think i’m missing something oh yes my hamburger is still not finish let me ea..t..t nooo my hamburger is gone! Who could of done this?!?

(Meanwhile in Mcdonalds)



NOTE: when you see it,it skips words so just reminder that the thing is mess up.

May 15


My goal is to have lots of exciting thing happen in my story.

I was going to the market when I saw a poster called GET A WIDE ORANGGE FROM THE GAME CROCODILE SLAM!!! Plus you can get a trophie like no other.

I wonder if they forgot how to spell orange?Of course I needed to get the trophie so I can impressed my family considering I have none…

But I had to go in NOW!

“Hey are you going in the Crocodile slam?” asked a man.

“yeah.” I replied.

anyway I went in and it had a number it immediately within seconds the front entrance collapsed on me,

I was trapped…

April 26


My goal is to always try not to

finish the story and hang it.

“Mum could you read me a story please?” I asked.

“Ok my little dinnosaur.”

she said.

She always says that  its probally because I like dinosaurs.

So my Mum told me a big history story She said.

“Once there was a big big ship as large as a King tree…”

She kept on going i was thinking about the Ship as large as a King tree i wondered what happend…


“AHHHH!” I screamed.

I was insanly sacred.

“Done.” Mum said.

“Thanks Mum goodnight.” I said.


March 22

100 WC …but how can something so tiny…

BING, BING went my WORST alarm,

it was 7:30 in the morning i slowly opened my eyes when i saw my dog licking my face.

“Ok Peanut i will get up.”

i went down stairs and ate breakfast, after that i slowly went to the best park.

when I sat next to the tree and started to read I heard a tiny voice.

“Hello my name is booch.” said the tiny blue spikey creature.

“AAHHHHHH!” I screamed.

it was definitely hideous and creepy.


I said to myself but how can something be so tiny speak.


March 15

100 WORD CHALLENGE-… so that is why i am always last…

“Ethan hurry up!

your going to be late for school again!” yelled Mr.Choco.

then Ethan got all dress up and ate his breakfast. But the bus was going to leave so Ethan ran as fast as he can got just in time to the bus got in the bus after when he got to school it was 12:35 PM.

“OH NO it’s already 12:35 i’m going to be in so much trouble!” Ethan cried out loud.

“Oh there you are Ethan  you know that is your 15th time being late.” Libby said.

And that is why i am always last for class.