November 19

100WC- (Bike stuck in a tree)

Michael and his friends Jake, Hallelujah and Christopher they were strolling in the woods when suddenly… they found a bicycle in a tree they couldn’t believe their eyes. Michael went and touched it, it was unbelievably rusty with huge amounts of dust on it. They all wondered how did this happen? When did it happen? Then suddenly… They were all terrified of what they had seen and ran as fast as they could… One by one each one of them disappeared… All but Michael was alone running for his life. He turned back and saw that all his friends were turned to stone…

November 19

BTN- Mars Experiment

Recalls- Red

Questions- Blue

Insights- Green

If you went on mars you wouldn’t have much privacy, you would get bored, having to eat the same packed food.

It would take 1-3 years to get to mars.

If you got to Mars there wouldn’t be human oxygen so you would have to wear a spacesuit, it is also windy and hot.


My first question is that wouldn’t there be a bathroom in the rocket?

My second question is that what would happen when you’re sleeping?


I understand that if you bring something like a cooked meal it would get cold and all the food would fly everywhere.

November 16

100WC- Bricks, gorilla, yellow, running, pretty

As Harry was running down the hall Harry saw the gorillas escaping their cage yellow stained bricks falling to the ground as the gorillas burst out.

“跑跑!” the old Chinese man screamed.

“Wow! Mummy look at how pretty this gorilla is!” a young girl said.

As a gorilla was about to attack a old Chinese man the man pulled a mini gun and shot it until the gorilla was dead.

As  the old Chinese man thought the gorilla was dead he made a signal to everyone to get out the gorilla behind him squashed him and his legs remained.


Definition of 跑跑 is Run Run!


November 7

100WC- I wondered what was behind the door….

Michael and I were wondering in a forest where we saw a small hut. We walked around it to see if anything special like a jewel, but just a plain old hut, but was surprising was that the hut was really old but… There was a light on. And came out a old lady saying “Come in! It’s nearly dinner time!” at the time we didn’t really know something scary was about this lady.

“I’m going to get some fruit I’ll be right back and behind that door DO NOT OPEN IT.” the lady said shouted.

I wondered what was behind that door…

November 6

100WC- because I said so..

“Hey Harry!” James said.

“Hey James can you kill somebody?” I said.

I didn’t know what I was saying it was like someone was controlling me… It was scary..

“What are you talking about Harry why should I even kill somebody I can get to jail for that!

Harry are you ok?” James replied scared.

“Why should you? Because I said so!” I laughed like a maniac.

I ran away crying… I didn’t know what I said to my best friend…  My only friend… I went home, into my bedroom and cried on my pillow, but at the same time I was laughing…