October 22

Topic Reflection- Mars Mission

3 Recalls- Red

2 questions- Blue

1 Insight- Green


NASA has successfully landed a car sized robot on Mars, its name is Curiosity. The Journey took 8 months and the shield had to take 16000 degrees to land in Mars Atmosphere. 

NASA had 7 minutes to slow it from 20000 kays an hour to all the way to 0 also steering it to the landing spot.

If one tiny thing went wrong, 2.5 Billion Dollars and years of work would have been Wasted.


My first question is if it did go wrong it was misplaced wouldn’t still work?


My second question is if they found a life form would they study it and see it’s genetics and stuff like that?

My insight is that we might live there in maybe 40 years.


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