October 22

Topic Reflection- Mars Mission

3 Recalls- Red

2 questions- Blue

1 Insight- Green


NASA has successfully landed a car sized robot on Mars, its name is Curiosity. The Journey took 8 months and the shield had to take 16000 degrees to land in Mars Atmosphere. 

NASA had 7 minutes to slow it from 20000 kays an hour to all the way to 0 also steering it to the landing spot.

If one tiny thing went wrong, 2.5 Billion Dollars and years of work would have been Wasted.


My first question is if it did go wrong it was misplaced wouldn’t still work?


My second question is if they found a life form would they study it and see it’s genetics and stuff like that?

My insight is that we might live there in maybe 40 years.


October 15

100WC- BATH Fighter Danced Orange Clumsily

After the Wedding finished I went to the Bath to have a nice refreshing bath of course, it was so warm, I went to get the soap but clumsily  dropped the soap in the bath. I looked at the orange walls. After I watched my cousin danced with her other dancers. Then I went to watch my brother doing Taekwondo his a fighter. And when they finished we all went to go eat some dinner. I ordered pizza while my cousin went to order some spaghetti and my brother ordered pasta. It was delicious we all went back home and went to bed.

October 11

100WC-…it reminded me of a time when…

Me and dad were going to my dad’s friend, when we were there I saw Wicky he was so fluffy. When we were inside I played Fortnite, Wicky came and I started playing with him. Then… It reminded me of a time when I played with my precious dog Peanut… I felt sad and cried a bit of tears out of my eyes. Then Wicky came and licked them off. I hugged him. I felt like Wicky was a reincarnation of my beloved dog Peanut. I was so happy. After me and my dad went back home and I went to sleep.

October 11

Topic Reflection

3 Recalls-Red

2 Questions-Blue

1 Insight- Green


The Babylonians had knowledge or a thing called the mathematical model to create calendars.

The Babylonians could predict Astronomical Phenomenons. 

The Mayan made the long count calendar and had the count of base 20.


1. My first question is that why did he think that the Earth was in the middle of the universe?

2. My second question is that why didn’t the Mayan not use base 10? Was it not created then?


My Insight is that a lot of Ancient People like the Babylonians and the Mayan studied the stars for so long and some of us continue to study the stars and find the patterns of what the stars do, also the calendar has also been here for a long time.