September 11


Me and my friends were going through the city when a strange huge statue of 2 hands holding onto a iron bar. It was very strange, I wondered why was it positioned like that? Did it have a head, a body, a leg? Did this strange statue get buried? My friends shouted “Declan! Stop daydreaming! Were about to be there!” “Sorry guys! I’ll be right there! I’m probably dumb of course it’s just a statue someone built it I am so dumb right now! “Wait up guys!” Declan shouted. little by little the statue stood up and jumped into the skys…


September 3

100WC- … but what colour should it be? …

Jerry and I were in art painting.

“Harry you know what I’m drawing? A race car!” Jerry exclaimed.

“Well guess what I’m drawing a dinosaur!” I replied.

“But Harry but what colour should it be?” Jerry asked.

“I don’t know but I know a colour, a green and orange Dinosaur!”

while Jerry and I were talking the teacher said.

“Stop we are going to conclude the lesson now we have 5 minutes to pack up so chop chop!” Teacher Phil said.

Jerry and I stop and look  at each other sad I said too Jerry.

“Um Jerry we didn’t even start!”