August 27

100WC-stairs river pink cooked nervous

I was sleeping in my warm bed, when suddenly I hear a loud noise from downstairs, so I brushed my teeth, change clothes and went downstairs when I accidentally trip on the stairs falling down it hurt a lot! I felt like I all my internal organs and my bones! When I finished my breakfast I went to go take a jog around the river with my friends, after my mum was teaching me to cook, My mum cooked the cake she said not to put too much pink coloring I made the worst thing! I put all the pink dye!

August 20

100WC-As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face

I was home alone in my house because well my parents had to work and my sister was out with her friends. So I was getting the all the letters in the mail box. As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face. Just the start of the letter was amazing it was a dollar sign and it said if my parents sign my family will get $100000! I was so excited! I called one of my parents to come and sign. But as my dad and I was reading I knew it was a prank…

August 16

100WC- why would I do that?

I was in class learning about physical or chemical change of the Item like, an egg we were experimenting about it and we put the egg in the microwave for 5 minutes we waited and when it was finished. My friends dared me to do something of course I did not want to be wuss. Therefore, I did it.

“Hey Ryan I dare you to go lick the egg no one will notice!” Declan said.

“DO IT.”

“Fine.” Ryan said.

I licked it and it tasted horrible disgusting I asked myself why would I do that? Am I that Dumb?

August 14

100WC- Flame, Ice, Lime, Regularly, clock

My dad is a chef he always cooks for the family. Today I’m learning how to cook like a chef. So I grabbed the clock and my dad said to put it on the table, so I did. The flames were hot I was baking pancakes. The time was ticking. Regularly the time kept ticking. I put the lime colour in it, put ice in it as well. But my dad said I did it all wrong I was so disappointed in myself so I thought to myself maybe I’m not a chef maybe I should be something that fits me.

August 6


I was walking down the street and I saw a mysterious magic door glowing. So I opened it and it I accidentally fell in! I was walking in a mysterious place and what I found was insanely magical. It was a huge huge dinosaur! So I kept going and it kept changing worlds to dinosaurs, candy, chocolate. I ate a lot of candy and chocolate and I discovered so much. That I had totally forgotten where the blue door was I was Stuck in a eternity! I said my prayers but I apparently found it in front of me the end.