June 13

BTN-Don’t Panic





This was about 2 families getting up to the test of being in a bush fire and a cyclone.

one of my recalls is that people say that being on the roof of your house is safe. But the “SES” don’t think it’s safe.

My second recalls is that having a lot of people in your family is good because then you can get prepared even quicker then 2 or 3. Never try and evacuate when a flood will come soon or later.

My third recall is not rush or else you will mess things up or won’t think properly.

My first question is what happens if you have 2 stories and your up stairs and your suppose to be down stairs what would happen?

My second question is how would you know if it has stop if your in a concealed place where you can’t hear anything?

I now know that you should not evacuate when a flood might come or cyclones or bush fires.


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