May 29

BTN- Disaster Recovery





This BTN video was about people losing their homes, have no food, water or shelter and losing people they care about.

My 1st recall, is that Natural disasters can destroy a city and a country into chaos like the recent floods in Pakistan in South Asia. More than one and a half thousand people have been killed! Around twenty million have been affected as water washed their homes away. The United Nations say that it has affected more people than the Tsunami that hit Asia in 2004.

My 2nd recall is that you need 3 things, Clean Water so that you don’t need to drink in water filled with germs, next food delivered in trucks canned food and it is much safer to be fresh. And shelter.

My 3rd recall is that the recovery process can take years, often rebuilding the entire communities from scratch. So things like schools, homes and hospitals need to be rebuilt or fixed. And that job can be made even harder when vast areas lose essential services like power.

My 1st question is that what happens if in that state a lot of people got injured and a few only survived and there wasn’t any power left?

My 2nd question is that which one is stronger a Tsunami or a Earthquake?

My insight is that I now understand that the United Nations helped South Asia when the Tsunami started.

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