May 22

Herald Son





This summary was in Africa that caused a earthquake scientist suggest that Africa is splitting into 2 parts.

My 1st recall was that people come to rift valley to take pose pictures and look at the earthquake, They believe that the huge “fault” line  is called evidence of the African continent will break in the next 10 million years.

My 2nd recall is that the earthquake became visible from the rain in Kenya it also cause hospitals falling down, flooding the whole neighborhood and blocking streets or highways. The flood created splits in several kilometers near the town of Mai Mahiu.

My 3rd recall is that the “experts” say that in about 50 million years, the African continent will split apart with the “Somali tectonic plate” which covers the great rift valley. The Experts say that in the 50 million years the Somali plates will most likely move apart from the Nubian plate.

My 1st question is that did Africa have 2 parts originally or just 1 whole part? Because there are Somali and Nubian.

My 2nd question is that did anyone die from the earthquake?

My insight is that I now understand that people all over the world travel to see this earthquake and take pictures.

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