May 16

Herald Son-Hawaii Kilauea volcano eruption

This was about people fleeing away from their homes because Kilauea volcano is spewing lava with a mountain full of toxic gas. A few people could go back on Sunday to get their important things like pets, medicine and more. A lot of other people couldn’t return because of the poison sulphur dioxide gas comes out of the Earth. A big volcano fissure gap up a hole and with lava coming up to 70 meters! It has not been discovered of dead bodies or injured which was good. There is a magnitude of up to 10 but so far it was a 6.9 magnitude earthquake on the south of the volcano. It had rock slides on the Hawaii’s national park, a whole chunk of it fell into the sea as well as the earthquake opening small sea levels but no Tsunami. Scientist predict/believe that there will be more volcano or earthquakes that will go for months. The lava can reach up to 1150 Celsius!

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