May 1

BTN-Ring of Fire






This BTN video was about Samoa and Sumatra having Earthquakes people think it maybe connected to each other and maybe it might be a coincidence.

Samoa and Sumatra are about 10 kilometers away, the first was in Samoa which got a Earthquake and then the 2nd Sumatra got a earthquake it might be connected. But scientist are still looking in that. Samoa started in September 29th 2009 and Sumatra started in September 30th 2009.

About 90 percent of the world’s Earthquakes go into these places. It is called ring of fire, some of worst Earthquakes were seen in the ring of fire. One of them happened in 2004 that started a Tsunami and that was in the ring of fire.

Tectonic plates drift off on the liquid rock, slowly changing shape and position over time. Scientist say that in millions of years tectonic plates move like when our nails move we don’t notice.

One of my questions is how deep does the platform we stand on?

My second question is would the tectonic plates keep moving or will it stay after millions of years?

My insight is that I now understand that as we speak tectonic plates move and we don’t even notice


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