April 19






This BTN video was about how people in the Australian cricket team was cheating by tampering with the ball.

one of my recalls are that people are really sad that Cameron Bancroft was tampering with the ball. Also that the ball goes to the rough side but by tampering with the ball u can reverse it to go the other way.

my second recall is that a lot of people have done it but doing in it other ways maybe rubbing on their legs, sandpaper and many other ways.

my last recall is that is that Steve Smith and David Warner will be banned for 12 months, and Cameron Bancroft will be banned for 9 months for cricket.

My first question is that why do u want to win so badly in Australian  cricket do u get money?

My second question is why is Cameron Bancroft banned for 9 shouldn’t it be 12 months because he used sandpaper to make it go reverse?

My insight is I now understand that people are desperate to win but I don’t get it is it for the money?   

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