April 30


One day they came across a graveyard that of course had graves and a church next to it they all thought to trample on them so they went in and did that came to them saying that they should be punished! It had the colour of crimson red and black. They heard a story once and said beware of the crimson Mephistopheles! They were frantically scared for life! They couldn’t move one muscle. soon another devil came and became so misty Beelzebub that Mephistopheles soon went away back into hell with his brother. But those 3 scared for life they shouted so loud but none came…

April 19






This BTN video was about how people in the Australian cricket team was cheating by tampering with the ball.

one of my recalls are that people are really sad that Cameron Bancroft was tampering with the ball. Also that the ball goes to the rough side but by tampering with the ball u can reverse it to go the other way.

my second recall is that a lot of people have done it but doing in it other ways maybe rubbing on their legs, sandpaper and many other ways.

my last recall is that is that Steve Smith and David Warner will be banned for 12 months, and Cameron Bancroft will be banned for 9 months for cricket.

My first question is that why do u want to win so badly in Australian  cricket do u get money?

My second question is why is Cameron Bancroft banned for 9 shouldn’t it be 12 months because he used sandpaper to make it go reverse?

My insight is I now understand that people are desperate to win but I don’t get it is it for the money?   

April 18

100WC-Although they ran quickly,they were still not making progress…

Zero and Zachary were at high school they always got bullied they never ever worried about it because they were making a plan it was April 21st they got all the things they had fireworks, paint, plugins, hacks all the things they planned out Zero asked “Are you sure this will work Zachary?” Zachary never said a word but 1 thumbs up, then they were going they saw the school completely empty they quickly put the stuff in the exact spots they were put then a big shout came “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?” they ran quickly,but they weren’t making any progress…

April 16

Book Review- Holes

My book was about a kid named Stanley, His family and Stanley always blamed his pig stealing great great grandfather because his family said that his great great grandfather stole a pig from a farm. His father always tried to find a way to recycle shoes, But then Stanley went to Camp green lake and the place wasn’t like a fun camp it was a deserted wasteland, they had to dig 5 feet into the ground and 5 feet big with a shovel that measured how much you had to dig. The warden wanted to make the kids at Camp green lake find a chest but no one knew that, They had to wake up around about 4:30-4:50 and the warden said they had to dig every single day every time 5 feet down and 5 feet big. Stanley met people who had nicknames they were called Zero, X-Ray, Twitch, and more his nickname was Caveman. But one time Zero went missing Stanley went to find him he saw Zero and they went to big thumb where his great great grandfather found refuge on big thumbs. At the end zero find the chest but it was actually a suitcase the warden said it was hers but it had Stanley’s name on it soon everyone didn’t have to dig now. and that is my review about Holes