March 19

BTN-History of Voting





This BTN video was about voting for something like president, senators etc. And how women couldn’t vote.

In the 1800 of Australia women couldn’t vote because they were too emotional and weren’t smart for politics. In the late 1800 women wanted to demand change, and started voting rights known as suffragettes. Suffrage to vote for politicians. 

In 1902, Australia became the first to have women vote. But it took over 2 decades to follow. Even if women could vote Aboriginals still couldn’t and they were left out. 

Until 1962 they finally let the aboriginals vote. But you had to be 21. That’s why voting is really important.


My 1st question is in 1902 shouldn’t they already give permission to all women like aboriginals and others?

My 2nd question is when did voting start?

I now understand that voting is very serious in Australia 

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