March 15

BTN-Voting Changes





This BTN video was about how the Prime minister wants to make changes to being Senate. And the voters aren’t getting their say.

My first recall is that people were really surprised that the Senates vote were a about a fraction and others were maybe higher.

My second recall is that people vote for their favorite senate to until it ends, and the people who count the vote it would take too long so they choose for the number one that it should get put in, the name is the group voting ticket.

My last recall is that lots of small political parties mostly make ‘preference deals’ and they agree on a preference deal.

My first question is most of time why does people who have like .51% of people vote for this senate and like another 3.51% of people want this senate and the .51% wins?

My second question is that why is the government planning on getting rid of the group voting tickets?

My insight is I now understand that the prime minister is thinking of changing how the senate will be elected and I also now know more about Senates.



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