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This BTN was about the 3 levels of government 1. federal, 2. state and 3. local

1. That Federal has a big responsibility of defending the nation, also managing Australian money, taxes, communications and the environment. State has control of six states and two territories. Also they have another responsibility of taking care of health, education, mining and agriculture.  Also, They watch most of the police and the courts, roads, trains and public transport. And finally local it might not sound like strong things but it has more then 500 local governments and local does local roads, deal with garbage and pets. And they’re in charge of local buildings and permits.

2.Back in the old days of Australia, (states NSW, OLD, VIC, TAS, WA and SA) all the states were their          very own colonies. But in the 1901 the federation of Australia made all the colonies united in the                commonwealth of Australia.

3. The States passed many of their powers because it was too hard alone. Even with state and federal it was still too hard so in the 1970’s they added local government.

1. That in the 1901 how did the State governments find a person to suit federal and local governments?

2. Is that couldn’t they just have all 3 governments already instead of getting federal in 1901 and then another 69 years they add local governments.

My insight is that I now know that State was the very first one to be a government and then federal then local.

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