February 28

BTN-Young Leaders





The BTN was about the national day of Young leaders and Aussie students of how they will come a leader in the future say how a good leader would be.

That good leaders need: that a good leader has to have a good communication, someone who will inspire a whole country or just 1 person, puts responsibility on them self for being a leader for a whole country and helping it grow into a better country, someone who cares about others, someone who thinks about the good things and the bad things in the country.

There is a place they go to and pick something that is an issue for the country like homeless, bullying etc.

My last recall is that the Aussie are going to a place called National Young Leader day and learning how they can be a great leader in the future like asking questions telling about their skills of being a leader.

My 1st question is can you apply when you are at National Young Leaders day like to convince people your a great leader?

My 2nd question is do high school students the only ones to do the National Young Leaders day thing?

My understanding is that when the past leaders go, a new generation will come and be the leaders and it will happen every time like a cycle

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