February 7

Letter To Caitlyn

My name is Ryan Chuah, I am 11 years old turning 12 years old and I like playing soccer, games, YouTube, outside I do Taekwondo black belt. I also do Chinese and piano I like doing maths like multiplication, addition, and division. I go to Malaysia to meet my cousins and grandma and my mums sister. I was born in

Australia my mum and dad was born in Malaysia. My favourite food is noodles, fried chicken, and mushrooms. In gala, I am in cricket and I am better at bowling instead of batting. When I play soccer at school, I am good at defending instead of attacking. I am a fast runner, I like climbing, and I do not like talking in public.


When it is the weekend, I play games or watch like, YouTube, Minecraft, Netflix and other games. In addition, when it is the holidays I am unlikely to play badminton, unlikely to play with my basketball at home.


I like sleeping and my older sister has to wake me up when it is time for school but it does not really matter when it is the holiday. My grandma comes to Australia to come live here for a while.

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