February 19

100WC-we were moving very fast

I was in my dad’s car we were going to Taekwondo and suddenly we went too fast and the red light hit and we crashed! Into another car! My dad nearly was hit by the window. However, I hit the window…

I was in the hospital waiting for almost 2 weeks! They said I could not even move so I was waiting and waiting I slept and ate soup, rice well I could move my arms and head after I was out of hospital I could not run. So I went to school and I accidentally ran and slipped on the floor…

February 12

S.R.C speech

P.S I do not want to be a S.R.C. ( also even though I don’t want to, we still have to and these are my qualities)

Hi I am Ryan and this is my reason to be a S.R.C member: I am honest, polite I am kind of organise but I am still working on that, I don’t talk over people I kind of do but most of time I don’t.  I am not really bossy sometimes I might be but I am trying work on that a bit. I normally wait for people to finish talking and then when I talk.

I have collaboration when I play soccer at school like when I hear someone saying my name at soccer I try to pass to them but I am not really good at it.

February 11

100WC:…it came down the drainpipe..

Promt: it came down the drainpipe:

My brother had a toy boat that could float he was using it when it was on rainy days one day I said he could do it but to be careful so he went outside that day he was following his boat the suddenly he fell because of a sign and hit it he was on the street. When suddenly his boat fell in the drain. Then he saw a clown in the drain. The clown said “Hi Georgie! How you doing?”

George said “How did u get in there?” suddenly the clown bit his arm off.

February 7

Letter To Caitlyn

My name is Ryan Chuah, I am 11 years old turning 12 years old and I like playing soccer, games, YouTube, outside I do Taekwondo black belt. I also do Chinese and piano I like doing maths like multiplication, addition, and division. I go to Malaysia to meet my cousins and grandma and my mums sister. I was born in

Australia my mum and dad was born in Malaysia. My favourite food is noodles, fried chicken, and mushrooms. In gala, I am in cricket and I am better at bowling instead of batting. When I play soccer at school, I am good at defending instead of attacking. I am a fast runner, I like climbing, and I do not like talking in public.


When it is the weekend, I play games or watch like, YouTube, Minecraft, Netflix and other games. In addition, when it is the holidays I am unlikely to play badminton, unlikely to play with my basketball at home.


I like sleeping and my older sister has to wake me up when it is time for school but it does not really matter when it is the holiday. My grandma comes to Australia to come live here for a while.