February 28

BTN-Young Leaders





The BTN was about the national day of Young leaders and Aussie students of how they will come a leader in the future say how a good leader would be.

That good leaders need: that a good leader has to have a good communication, someone who will inspire a whole country or just 1 person, puts responsibility on them self for being a leader for a whole country and helping it grow into a better country, someone who cares about others, someone who thinks about the good things and the bad things in the country.

There is a place they go to and pick something that is an issue for the country like homeless, bullying etc.

My last recall is that the Aussie are going to a place called National Young Leader day and learning how they can be a great leader in the future like asking questions telling about their skills of being a leader.

My 1st question is can you apply when you are at National Young Leaders day like to convince people your a great leader?

My 2nd question is do high school students the only ones to do the National Young Leaders day thing?

My understanding is that when the past leaders go, a new generation will come and be the leaders and it will happen every time like a cycle

February 27

100WC-ladder, goldfish, flew, brown, slowly

Hi, I am going to tell you about my life

My dad was a constructer building dad, he was always getting things do build on so I never saw him a lot he always had a long ladder that could extend and a hammer. My mum was a person who had an aquarium that you could look at fish, shark tanks with sharks, most of all, mum always put goldfish because those one kept dying and the goldfish kept slowly going up floating on the surface.

I have a dog, it chases birds, and the birds flew away every time. My dog’s skin colour is brown.

February 26

BTN-what is democracy?


Summary- black



insight-dark green

This BTN was about democracy, and the ancient Greek etc.

My 1st recall was that democracy was actually 2 parts, one demos meaning people and kratos meaning power and or rule. My second recall is in ancient Greek the Persians was planning to attack the Greeks

they agreed. but most of the city didn’t.

My 3rd recalls is Greeks were still one of the first people to experiment. but as time went on democracy kind of died.

My  1st question is why did the Persians want to attack the Greeks?  

My 2nd question was why did the Greek decide to not let the woman vote why did the Greek not let the woman vote?

My 1st insight is that I now know that Greek didn’t let the woman vote.


February 20


I was in Malaysia, my family and I were going to this ancient civilization where their were lots of weird sticks figures like 170 cm high and was taller then my whole family. It didn’t even have a head but I guess it’s fine because they’re made of sticks. Their were 7 of them but as went along their were about 250000 of them!! We took pictures of them I went to one it to take a picture and it fell on me!! Then one of the hands moved and punch me in the face!! I mean how? Could a stick hand move?                                                                                                  twigmen.jpg (1502×1127)

February 19

100WC-we were moving very fast

I was in my dad’s car we were going to Taekwondo and suddenly we went too fast and the red light hit and we crashed! Into another car! My dad nearly was hit by the window. However, I hit the window…

I was in the hospital waiting for almost 2 weeks! They said I could not even move so I was waiting and waiting I slept and ate soup, rice well I could move my arms and head after I was out of hospital I could not run. So I went to school and I accidentally ran and slipped on the floor…

February 12

S.R.C speech

P.S I do not want to be a S.R.C. ( also even though I don’t want to, we still have to and these are my qualities)

I am honest, polite I am kind of organised, but I am still working on that, I am not bossy sometimes I might be but I am trying work on that a bit. I normally wait for people to finish talking and then when I talk.

I have collaboration when I play soccer at school like when I hear someone saying my name at soccer I try to pass to them but I am not really good at.

February 11

100WC:…it came down the drainpipe..

Promt: it came down the drainpipe:

My brother had a toy boat that could float he was using it when it was on rainy days one day I said he could do it but to be careful so he went outside that day he was following his boat the suddenly he fell because of a sign and hit it he was on the street. When suddenly his boat fell in the drain. Then he saw a clown in the drain. The clown said “Hi Georgie! How you doing?”

George said “How did u get in there?” suddenly the clown bit his arm off.

February 7

Letter To Caitlyn

My name is Ryan Chuah, I am 11 years old turning 12 years old and I like playing soccer, games, YouTube, outside I do Taekwondo black belt. I also do Chinese and piano I like doing maths like multiplication, addition, and division. I go to Malaysia to meet my cousins and grandma and my mums sister. I was born in

Australia my mum and dad was born in Malaysia. My favourite food is noodles, fried chicken, and mushrooms. In gala, I am in cricket and I am better at bowling instead of batting. When I play soccer at school, I am good at defending instead of attacking. I am a fast runner, I like climbing, and I do not like talking in public.


When it is the weekend, I play games or watch like, YouTube, Minecraft, Netflix and other games. In addition, when it is the holidays I am unlikely to play badminton, unlikely to play with my basketball at home.


I like sleeping and my older sister has to wake me up when it is time for school but it does not really matter when it is the holiday. My grandma comes to Australia to come live here for a while.