October 24

100WC- … as the door slammed, I knew….

My goal is to have a cliffhanger.

I was doing my homework when I finished I went upstairs to go brush my teeth when I was about to go to bed… when the door slammed, I knew a bad guy was here because my mum and dad don’t come until 7:00 and it’s only 6:54 so my mum or dad might be here. So I have always had this for emergency it is a GUN it has three bullets I have always kept some in my pocket. Therefore, I crept downstairs and saw him he had a chainsaw I knew him it was the Massacre saw…

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1 thoughts on “100WC- … as the door slammed, I knew….

  1. antsclass

    Wow Ryan- you certainly met your goal with this frightening cliff-hanger just in time for Halloween!
    I love the way you always set a goal for your writing-it means that you can be focussed on specific improvements.
    in future weeks you might look at goals of including some of the poetic techniques we’ve been learning
    Well done!


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