October 13

100WC-Treasured Item

My goal is to happy into a sad story.

I’m playing with him every day his always cute and so fluffy we have to close him but somehow he escapes and licks me and actually is funny it wakes me up. when I play with him I feel so joyful when I’m at school I think of him. I loved him so, so much and when I was playing Minecraft my dad forgot to close the door… I went out to find him and saw him have blood… I thought to myself how could this happen to me! And so on I will always remember him in my heart.

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2 thoughts on “100WC-Treasured Item

  1. antsclass

    Ryan, you certainly achieved your goal here- the details you have chosen allow you to move from so much happiness and joy to such sorrow – and you carry your reader along with you
    Well done

  2. Charlotte (Team 100), Warwick

    Well done Ryan! You’ve written a very deep and meaningful story with such a poignant ending. You also included a very clear description of your most treasured item. Keep up the good work!


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