October 30

100WC-flame, swimming, celebrated, white, tomorrow

My goal today is to say things about my life but in a different perspective.

I was playing with my friend in a game called Minecraft us building when he accidentally put lava and was burning the house the house was in flames! I tell you in flames! We quickly put out the fire with water but now the house was flooded! He wanted to go swimming in the water. So we got bored of Minecraft. He had to leave because his sister’s birthday was here so they celebrated I has no brothers or sisters poor me I cannot annoy anyone. Of course, the clouds is white today, tomorrow I am going swimming, and swimming is the best!

October 24

100WC- … as the door slammed, I knew….

My goal is to have a cliffhanger.

I was doing my homework when I finished I went upstairs to go brush my teeth when I was about to go to bed… when the door slammed, I knew a bad guy was here because my mum and dad don’t come until 7:00 and it’s only 6:54 so my mum or dad might be here. So I have always had this for emergency it is a GUN it has three bullets I have always kept some in my pocket. Therefore, I crept downstairs and saw him he had a chainsaw I knew him it was the Massacre saw…

October 18


My goal is to do a newspaper about something.

I was eating breakfast and as uasual I read the newspaper, there was a picture that had 2 shoes and a pants upside down in a lake it said: DEAD PERSON IN LAKE. I was like WHAT, it also said:

This person died when fishing he was catching a fish apparently a piranha ate his body and the legs were upside down. Massive amounts of water went the planks to fish. I went to work and everyone was talking about it I ask who was it they said I think it was your wife…

October 13

100WC-Treasured Item

My goal is to happy into a sad story.

I’m playing with him every day his always cute and so fluffy we have to close him but somehow he escapes and licks me and actually is funny it wakes me up. when I play with him I feel so joyful when I’m at school I think of him. I loved him so, so much and when I was playing Minecraft my dad forgot to close the door… I went out to find him and saw him have blood… I thought to myself how could this happen to me! And so on I will always remember him in my heart.

October 12

GOALS for term 4



  1. A goal I have is to be more organise like when I forget my glasses during class time.
  2. Another goal I have is ask the teacher if I don’t understand.
  3. The other goal I have is don’t fiddle with anything.

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

  1. Have a piece of paper on my wall to remind me when I wake up.
  2. Ask my friends if I don’t know the question then if they don’t know I should ask the teacher.
  3. Put everything on the side of me or the front of me next to the I have like my computer, diary etc.


  1. Play other games I don’t know.
  2. Play with other people I don’t know
  3. Include people who want to play.

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

  1. Ask people if I can play.
  2. Ask people if I can play with them.
  3. If people, ask I would say yes after the games because the others would argue or if it was Tag I would say you will have to ask the person (name) or else the people won’t know you’re playing.

Next year I would like to learn about/get better at:

Next year I want to get better at explaining and focusing what I am