September 13

100WC-…, what lies ahead of….

My goal is to try and make it scary

I was walking along with my friends chatting about my new video game called The dreadful destroying Vampire. They asked “How good is the game is it really scary?”

I replied “you could say that.”

After that me and my friends went somewhere we couldn’t go but we did it.

We went in a creepy mansion; we saw a door creepy.

I asked “so, what lies ahead of that door?”

My friend Jeff went in and look both ways he said it was okay but then he got slaughtered and me and my last friend never came back again…

September 11

BTN-let the electricity flow


3 recalls 

2 questions

1 insight

Stephan Gray built a wooden frame. From the top beam he suspended 2 swings with silk rope.

A hauksbee machine for generating electricity.

When he was generating electricity  the orphan boy started to have gold leaf on his hands and wave it across the plate.

1. what happens if you go on a swing or anything else that you could lay down or sit could you still do that?

2. Can you do it with anything else not gold leafs? 

1. I was wondering can it go through more than one thing like 2 humans and 10 metals?

September 5

100WC-week #47

My goal is to do a mystery case.

I was walking along when I saw people investigating about this huge footprint. It was nothing like a human footprint, so I came along and I asked “What are you doing?”

They replied to me “We’re investigating 2 strange footprints. They are nothing compared to human footprints.”

I wondered what it was? I thought about giant footprints but giant footprints would be larger so I told my dad. He is a miner. He thought it was a really old creature but the footprints didn’t have moss, so I just left it there.