August 3

BTN-Megafauna Fossil Footprints



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This BTN video was about fossils that came from extinct animals footprints from kangaroo island.

Just off the side of south Australia there is a little island that is big on nature.

Kangaroo island has sea lions, penguins, Koalas and of course 1000’s of kangaroos.

But 100’s of 1000’s much bigger creatures were on the coast of Southern Australia.

They saw a footprint of a Tasmanian Devil and then a Tasmanian Tiger footprint, scientific name is 

Thylacinus Cynocepphalus as pouch dog and a wolf head, Diprotodontid as well it look like a wombat but 2 meters bigger.

1. Could there be more similar animals but bigger?

2. I wonder on kangaroo island 1000’s of years ago could there be like a Tiger that is fusion with another Tiger so Thyger?

1. I wonder if there might be lots of extinct animals on a really far island but satellites and others things can’t find it. 






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