August 31

100wc- suddenly it went dark..

I want to get a good sizzling start and be a good comedy.

I was watching TV having a good life and then suddenly it just had to go dark I mean cant it be in a different country. I went to go see the power supplier but it was fine, so I went to go call the electrician but he didn’t see anything except for a piece of gum disgusting right? but he tried to fix it but there was just no problem to it. Then he left and came back and said I would have to deal with it I didn’t like it but he said so I just had to deal with it.

August 20

100WC-as it came rushing towards us we…

My goal is to tell it in 3rd person and tell what he/she looked like.

Jackson was at home sitting, watching TV the movie was called Minecraft: The apocalypse.

Of course Jackson didn’t really understand what it was saying he was only 5 years old with black hair, fat body and pretty small feet.

then his father said to come help him gather some things,

after that Jackson went walking and saw one of his friends named Harry they were walking on Mincha st when they saw a peculiar thing rather big but the thing came at them!

As it came rushing towards them they ran and never ever came back to that street.

August 7

100WC- Cushion Scarlet Annoying Watered Violin

My goal is to be more like a humorous and like being an actor.

I was walking  down the street when suddenly… ok guys where trying to do a movie we need the music ok 3, 2, 1 action when suddenly I found a big cushion it was blocking my path because the other side was block so I had to go this path and this cushion was really annoying and then I just see a guy and a couch it had massive scarlet shirt and pants. It was really watered up for some reason and he was about to do music with a violin and to try get money anyway I wen back home and rested.

August 3

BTN-Megafauna Fossil Footprints



3 recalls-red

2 questions-blue

1 insight-green

This BTN video was about fossils that came from extinct animals footprints from kangaroo island.

Just off the side of south Australia there is a little island that is big on nature.

Kangaroo island has sea lions, penguins, Koalas and of course 1000’s of kangaroos.

But 100’s of 1000’s much bigger creatures were on the coast of Southern Australia.

They saw a footprint of a Tasmanian Devil and then a Tasmanian Tiger footprint, scientific name is 

Thylacinus Cynocepphalus as pouch dog and a wolf head, Diprotodontid as well it look like a wombat but 2 meters bigger.

1. Could there be more similar animals but bigger?

2. I wonder on kangaroo island 1000’s of years ago could there be like a Tiger that is fusion with another Tiger so Thyger?

1. I wonder if there might be lots of extinct animals on a really far island but satellites and others things can’t find it. 






August 2

100WC-…but then the flash made me….

my goal is to try make my story humorous. (goal)

I was walking down the street and saw Usain Bolt running on the race course apparently other people train him to keep running to get first place wow just wow. Are you serious! you didn’t know I was being sarcastic? Wow I thought people were smarter these days.

“Hi I’m Usain Bolt let me give you something because I know your a fan.” he said.

“But I’m not?” I replied.

“Just take it is a token give it on to someone else ok this is called the “song mighty” mighty a runner!

I will never forget that day when he gave me that.