July 28

BTN-Government Ministers






This btn is about how prime minister is the boss and politics and home affairs.

It really takes a team to rule a nation that’s called a Cabinet. It’s the Prime Ministers job to pick which one gets the spot. Like Health, Education and Immigration there also others like minister for tourism and sport.

Some Ministers are in charge of more then 1. Being a minister is important job.

But Prime minister can create new ones like Turnbull made a Super-Ministry! 

It would be called Home affairs.

1. Why would they even call it home affairs, couldn’t they call it like Super Ministry like Turnbull said?

2. Do they really need tourism?

1. I wonder as it said can you make more then one?

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1 thoughts on “BTN-Government Ministers

  1. antsclass

    I can tell you were interested and learned a lot watching this BTN. The ‘Super-Ministry” does sound awesome doesn’t it….but it didn’t get its name from how awesome it is. Instead, it’s called ‘super’ because of its size-it brings together many areas that were all separate until now.
    Great work,


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