July 28

BTN-Government Ministers






This btn is about how prime minister is the boss and politics and home affairs.

It really takes a team to rule a nation that’s called a Cabinet. It’s the Prime Ministers job to pick which one gets the spot. Like Health, Education and Immigration there also others like minister for tourism and sport.

Some Ministers are in charge of more then 1. Being a minister is important job.

But Prime minister can create new ones like Turnbull made a Super-Ministry! 

It would be called Home affairs.

1. Why would they even call it home affairs, couldn’t they call it like Super Ministry like Turnbull said?

2. Do they really need tourism?

1. I wonder as it said can you make more then one?

July 25

100WC-…When all of a sudden…

I was walking down the street when all of sudden a cat appeared! Wait what? no, no, no it’s when i’m about to go to school k guys let resume.

So I saw kids just going to the same school they were on their bikes and I heard the bell going so i hurried when all of a sudden I saw somebody getting bullied by 18 year olds so I stepped in and “said why don’t you pick someone your own size!”

And then the principal kicked the bullies out the school and that’s how the bullies never show up again.


July 21




3 recalls-red

2 questions-blue

1 insight-green

This btn video is about people getting depress for other people saying something they didn’t.

Defamation is when your reputation is taken away.

Rebel Wilson said that a lot of people believed the negative things about Rebel Wilson that weren’t


There are times where you can publish negative things like someone’s opinion or if it’s proved to be true.

1. How can kids also get reported in articles?

2. As it said about Rebel Wilson she proved that those negative things aren’t true how can kids proved that the person isn’t  telling the truth about you.

I wonder can kids publish a negative thing about another child?

July 18

A letter from Ethan

It was a long day from work and received a call from Tommy he ask if I could lend him a hand for buying a chunk of bricks so I went to a workshop and bought bricks I gave the bricks carefully on the ground and Tommy was thankful. I received a letter from Ehan about his school trip he said that he saw a merry go around and didn’t see any signs he went on one but the horse flew off and Ethan got a serious head injury but he survived and there was no more words from that.