May 24


Today was about animal adaptations from the Sea life Melbourne Aquarium.

When we were at the Sea life we saw so many incredible animals there were rays, sharks and fish.

When Mel (the guide person) told us that was a BIG G every one wanted to try and find it but no one did because it was asleep.

Mel told us that the crocodile can have 2 heart beeps a minute and the crocodile can breath 2 hours under water! Mel even told us that crocodiles need fish to clean their teeths or else their teeth will rotten and he will die.

Mel told us that if their really colourful they are poisonus, Mel said to us that they use something to tell that they are poisonus like hi i’m poisonus don’t eat me bye.

What could survive a flood and a drout a Turtle and a lung fish.

Penguin: when a penguin hatches it is brown and looks big thats pretty weird even when it’s 5 months. When predaters are trying to hunt the small Penguins, they look like a boulder because they’re brown.

the Adults bring food to their children until their children are ready to hunt by them selfs they also need blubber (Fat) to keep them warm they eat fish every 7 times they also poop every 17 minutes (ew)

the Gentoo penguins are the FASTEST penguin that can swim! Thats cool!

There were also frogs,snakes,lizards,eels etc

But thats it bye!

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