May 14

BTN-Eagle Hunter

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A 14-yr old girl named Akbota she is learning hot to hunt with a golden eagle.Its been past down for generations.

In the history of Kazakhs,there has never been a eagle huntress.In the past women didn’t go up the mountain.

For the past 3 years,her Dad has been training to become a eagle huntress it wasn’t too easy.

Akbota is Kazakhs a culture of people that live across thee Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the eagles have blindfold on so they are focused and calm.

1.Is that why coulden’t women go up the mountain?

2.Is that do you have to be higher then 10 to be a eagle hunter/huntress?

I now know that in Kazakhs if you are a eagle hunter/huntress they need the fur and food to survive.

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