May 10

100WC-…I just coulden’t eat something so…

my goal is to try make different ages instead of one number between another number (age)

“g.g..o.” I moaned.



“OUCH!” I Screamed.

oh hi my name is Darren and i’m 15 yrs old but it’s just me and my Dad, Dad is 39 yrs old.

“Time for breaky Darren.” said Dad.

I went brushed my teeth got dressed and went downstairs to eat breakfast.

But I saw what was at breakfast something really weird it had 2 eyes, one monobrow, one mouth, red horns

and it was kinda orange.

“Come on eat your breakfast don’t want your breakfast to be cold.” said Dad.

But I coulden’t eat something disgustingly weird and it looks like a red bull.


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