May 2

BTN-Battle of the Coral Sea


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2 questions-blue

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This was about Australia and US helping US battled Japan in 1942 and few months earlier.

In 1942 Japan bombed  American and British forces at pearl Harbour in Hawaii bringing the US into war.

It joined UK, Australia and France that were fighting against Germany,italy and Japan,Austalia and US first teamed up in 4th of May 1942 to fight Japan in the battle of the Coral Sea.

Japan’s plan was to take control over the whole Pacific ocean, early 1942, it had already conquered alot of countries,they bombed a base in Darwin and won naval battles.

1. Is that i want to find out why France joined the war?

2.Is that why did Japan take bombed so many places for taking control over the whole Pacific ocean?

1.I now know that many people belived that the Battle of the Coral Sea saved Australia from invasion.



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