May 24




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This was about people messaging space to see if any kind of life form is in space.

For a long time, people have been gazing up at the stars wondering if something is out there in the billions of galaxies.

The first interteller was sent in 1962 in morse code and was aimed at Venus, so far there was no responce.

But then in 1974 then a group in Amercia used 2 different radio frequencies to transmit a code from Arecibo radio telescope to Puerto Rico, Also there is a problem if they want to take a message it will take 25,000 years to reach.

My question is if it takes 25,000 years wouldn’t they not be alive so how can they recieve it if they are not alive?

My other question is if they transmitted one to Venus woulden’t that take less then 25,000 years?

I wonder if Aliens are green and what we think they look like.

May 24


Today was about animal adaptations from the Sea life Melbourne Aquarium.

When we were at the Sea life we saw so many incredible animals there were rays, sharks and fish.

When Mel (the guide person) told us that was a BIG G every one wanted to try and find it but no one did because it was asleep.

Mel told us that the crocodile can have 2 heart beeps a minute and the crocodile can breath 2 hours under water! Mel even told us that crocodiles need fish to clean their teeths or else their teeth will rotten and he will die.

Mel told us that if their really colourful they are poisonus, Mel said to us that they use something to tell that they are poisonus like hi i’m poisonus don’t eat me bye.

What could survive a flood and a drout a Turtle and a lung fish.

Penguin: when a penguin hatches it is brown and looks big thats pretty weird even when it’s 5 months. When predaters are trying to hunt the small Penguins, they look like a boulder because they’re brown.

the Adults bring food to their children until their children are ready to hunt by them selfs they also need blubber (Fat) to keep them warm they eat fish every 7 times they also poop every 17 minutes (ew)

the Gentoo penguins are the FASTEST penguin that can swim! Thats cool!

There were also frogs,snakes,lizards,eels etc

But thats it bye!

May 23

This graph shows peoples Favourite place to go.

Melbourne had 4 people.Gold coast, Perth and Brazil all havve 2 people.

The rest had 1 person.This graph work for the infomation because it could showthe infomation clearly

May 22


fast supper Gloucester cathedral













There it was the beautiful powerful hamburger with hands (very strange)

but if I get that hamburger it says that if you eat it,it will make you POWERFUL!!!

And i’m gonna eat the hamburger!


Not bad


ummmm what is goingg oonnnn AHHH! I’m flying this is the best thing in my life hmmmm but I think i’m missing something oh yes my hamburger is still not finish let me ea..t..t nooo my hamburger is gone! Who could of done this?!?

(Meanwhile in Mcdonalds)



NOTE: when you see it,it skips words so just reminder that the thing is mess up.

May 17







This was about 2 schools that had one mission to wipe out their waste so they can be completely clean with the bins (their bins.)

In this school they sorted Landfill bins into organic,paper and cardboard.

Every year Aussie throw out 50 MILLION tonnes of waste.

Most of the waste can be reused,recycle and compost at home or at school.

1.I wonder is the waste all over the world that makes 50 million tonnes of waste or just Australia?

2.Is that (At home) do we make organic,paper and cardboard at home?

I wonder if a company can make a bin type company.




May 15


My goal is to have lots of exciting thing happen in my story.

I was going to the market when I saw a poster called GET A WIDE ORANGGE FROM THE GAME CROCODILE SLAM!!! Plus you can get a trophie like no other.

I wonder if they forgot how to spell orange?Of course I needed to get the trophie so I can impressed my family considering I have none…

But I had to go in NOW!

“Hey are you going in the Crocodile slam?” asked a man.

“yeah.” I replied.

anyway I went in and it had a number it immediately within seconds the front entrance collapsed on me,

I was trapped…

May 14

BTN-Eagle Hunter

BTN link

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A 14-yr old girl named Akbota she is learning hot to hunt with a golden eagle.Its been past down for generations.

In the history of Kazakhs,there has never been a eagle huntress.In the past women didn’t go up the mountain.

For the past 3 years,her Dad has been training to become a eagle huntress it wasn’t too easy.

Akbota is Kazakhs a culture of people that live across thee Eastern Europe and Central Asia and the eagles have blindfold on so they are focused and calm.

1.Is that why coulden’t women go up the mountain?

2.Is that do you have to be higher then 10 to be a eagle hunter/huntress?

I now know that in Kazakhs if you are a eagle hunter/huntress they need the fur and food to survive.

May 10

100WC-…I just coulden’t eat something so…

my goal is to try make different ages instead of one number between another number (age)

“g.g..o.” I moaned.



“OUCH!” I Screamed.

oh hi my name is Darren and i’m 15 yrs old but it’s just me and my Dad, Dad is 39 yrs old.

“Time for breaky Darren.” said Dad.

I went brushed my teeth got dressed and went downstairs to eat breakfast.

But I saw what was at breakfast something really weird it had 2 eyes, one monobrow, one mouth, red horns

and it was kinda orange.

“Come on eat your breakfast don’t want your breakfast to be cold.” said Dad.

But I coulden’t eat something disgustingly weird and it looks like a red bull.


May 2

BTN-Battle of the Coral Sea


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This was about Australia and US helping US battled Japan in 1942 and few months earlier.

In 1942 Japan bombed  American and British forces at pearl Harbour in Hawaii bringing the US into war.

It joined UK, Australia and France that were fighting against Germany,italy and Japan,Austalia and US first teamed up in 4th of May 1942 to fight Japan in the battle of the Coral Sea.

Japan’s plan was to take control over the whole Pacific ocean, early 1942, it had already conquered alot of countries,they bombed a base in Darwin and won naval battles.

1. Is that i want to find out why France joined the war?

2.Is that why did Japan take bombed so many places for taking control over the whole Pacific ocean?

1.I now know that many people belived that the Battle of the Coral Sea saved Australia from invasion.