April 27



This BTN video was about understanding space and if space is infinite.

3 recalls

2 questions

1 insights

1. Is that Earth is the 3rd planet in our solor system.

2.Is that our solor system is just one of more than 500 solor systems in the milky way.

3.Is that our milky one is just 1 of hundreds of billions of galaxies in the Universe.

1.Is that does space continue even further then the Universe or not?

2.Is that does space grow every second of our lives?

1.Is that i know now that you can never find the center when ever you try you always go around a circle or ballon.

April 26


My goal is to always try not to

finish the story and hang it.

“Mum could you read me a story please?” I asked.

“Ok my little dinnosaur.”

she said.

She always says that  its probally because I like dinosaurs.

So my Mum told me a big history story She said.

“Once there was a big big ship as large as a King tree…”

She kept on going i was thinking about the Ship as large as a King tree i wondered what happend…


“AHHHH!” I screamed.

I was insanly sacred.

“Done.” Mum said.

“Thanks Mum goodnight.” I said.