March 29

100 WC

“Ahhh what a lovely day.” I said.


“my head.”

wondering why its because our couch is so hard i feel like its a rock.

Just saying i have a girl that is so beautiful but everyone knows she does karate.

I almost got to some kind of weird cute, sick and brown creature best is that I got a piece of hair from it

how cool is that? (probally won’t think so but I would.)

But my mother and father was worried if that thing had rabies.

I had a camera and took a good angled picture of it.

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1 thoughts on “100 WC

  1. estella2016

    I’ts good that used the words but you didn’t do much punctuation.
    Also, I kninda got lost a bit in the story. Apart from that… AWESOME!!!!!!!!!


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