March 15

100 WORD CHALLENGE-… so that is why i am always last…

“Ethan hurry up!

your going to be late for school again!” yelled Mr.Choco.

then Ethan got all dress up and ate his breakfast. But the bus was going to leave so Ethan ran as fast as he can got just in time to the bus got in the bus after when he got to school it was 12:35 PM.

“OH NO it’s already 12:35 i’m going to be in so much trouble!” Ethan cried out loud.

“Oh there you are Ethan  you know that is your 15th time being late.” Libby said.

And that is why i am always last for class.



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2 thoughts on “100 WORD CHALLENGE-… so that is why i am always last…

  1. Quinn

    I like your story because i was funny. I worked out that your character was very slack and slow in the morning

  2. Mr G, Sheffield, UK (Team 100WC)

    Oh dear, it sounds like Ethan’s having a rough time Ryan. What advice would you give him to help him get to school on time? I was intrigued who Mr Choco was too; Ethan’s dad perhaps?
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge


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