March 10

BTN- Convict Life


3 recalls-red

2 questions-blue

1 insight-green


This BTN was about two people wanting to be a convict and thinking that the convict life is better.

There were 2 soldiers were liking to go to prison and being a convict because they think that Convict LIfe is way better.Assigend Hours, with agreeing with rate of pay.Then they wanted those 2 to be showed as an example.

did the 2 soldiers get into Australia?

did  they do jobs when they were in the metal chains?

i now understand how it would feel like being a Convict.

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1 thoughts on “BTN- Convict Life

  1. antsclass

    I love the way you have been working so well on these homework tasks. It was an unusual story wasn’t it-it certainly wasn’t worth it for these soldiers to become convicts but some convicts had a much better time! It would have been so hard to work in those chains. I like your insight that you now have an idea of what life was like for a convict. I hope you learned even more during our lesson,
    well done,


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