March 1

BTN-Aboriginal-The Encounter



3 Recalls-orange

2 questions-dark blue


This BTN video was about a girl seeing a cow and also seeing the boat people on the island.

when Waruwi saw the cow they were confused about what to call the BIG Monster.

 Waruwi’s Nana said that her smoke was surposed to get rid of the mosquitos.

and Waruwi said to Nana that the boat people were coming and said that they were Ghost people.

one question is that why is boat people called ghost people?

second question is how can Waruwi see so far that she can see the boat people does the video zoom in so it looks like she can see them?

i was wondering why was the little kid playing the drums infront of 3 men?


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1 thoughts on “BTN-Aboriginal-The Encounter

  1. antsclass

    great start to your homework reflections mate. You have shown you are organised and paid attention to the video. You came up with some interesting questions too.
    Next time try to think about how you can connect what you learn to something you already know to help with your ‘insight’. If you still aren’t sure about it, come and ask me during the week,
    well done,


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