March 29

100 WC

“Ahhh what a lovely day.” I said.


“my head.”

wondering why its because our couch is so hard i feel like its a rock.

Just saying i have a girl that is so beautiful but everyone knows she does karate.

I almost got to some kind of weird cute, sick and brown creature best is that I got a piece of hair from it

how cool is that? (probally won’t think so but I would.)

But my mother and father was worried if that thing had rabies.

I had a camera and took a good angled picture of it.

March 26




3 Recalls- red

2 Questions-blue

1 Inight-green

This was about Anh Do and how he came to Australia.

When Anh Do was 2 his family escaped Vietnam and was at sea for 5 days and came to Australia.
There was 2 pirate attacks and a pirate dangles a kid to threatened his life to throw him at sea but spare his life and that was Anh Do’s little brother.

Then Anh Do and his family got rescued by German ships and his parents love germans.

How could pirates attack? Because lots of peolple wouolden’t be able to find pirates?

The other is did those days have humour?

my insight is that i really wonder did they colaborate?


March 22

100 WC …but how can something so tiny…

BING, BING went my WORST alarm,

it was 7:30 in the morning i slowly opened my eyes when i saw my dog licking my face.

“Ok Peanut i will get up.”

i went down stairs and ate breakfast, after that i slowly went to the best park.

when I sat next to the tree and started to read I heard a tiny voice.

“Hello my name is booch.” said the tiny blue spikey creature.

“AAHHHHHH!” I screamed.

it was definitely hideous and creepy.


I said to myself but how can something be so tiny speak.


March 22







This BTN video was about Australia federation adn how Australia came together as one nation.

In 1642 Dutch explorer Aiden Tasman found Tasmania if he stayed there we would be all be speaking Dutch.What we now call Australia wasn’t claimed until 1770. On Jan the 1st NSW,QLD,SA,WA and VIC joined together into one country.

Why did the British make colonies in Australia?

Why did VIC AND NSW give money to the other colonies because they have more people?

My insight is now i know that VIC and NSW had like more money and had alot more people from the other colonies.

March 15

100 WORD CHALLENGE-… so that is why i am always last…

“Ethan hurry up!

your going to be late for school again!” yelled Mr.Choco.

then Ethan got all dress up and ate his breakfast. But the bus was going to leave so Ethan ran as fast as he can got just in time to the bus got in the bus after when he got to school it was 12:35 PM.

“OH NO it’s already 12:35 i’m going to be in so much trouble!” Ethan cried out loud.

“Oh there you are Ethan  you know that is your 15th time being late.” Libby said.

And that is why i am always last for class.



March 10

BTN- Convict Life


3 recalls-red

2 questions-blue

1 insight-green


This BTN was about two people wanting to be a convict and thinking that the convict life is better.

There were 2 soldiers were liking to go to prison and being a convict because they think that Convict LIfe is way better.Assigend Hours, with agreeing with rate of pay.Then they wanted those 2 to be showed as an example.

did the 2 soldiers get into Australia?

did  they do jobs when they were in the metal chains?

i now understand how it would feel like being a Convict.

March 5

My Goal For Semester 1! :D


What I want to learn:

My goal is to get better at history because I don’t really understand history and I really want to learn more so I get how history is in the Past, present and future. And I want to learn my 15’s and 16’s times table


List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal


I am going home to practise my 15’s and 16’s multiplication tables for at least 10-15 minutes also if I get stuck my Dad or Mum will help me.

And for my history strategies to try my best to take a lot of notes so I can see how history works and to behave.


How I learn and behave:

My goal is to get better at taking notes like doing it in my own words instead of writing the notes on the board.

And to have better explanations of speaking.


List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

My first strategies are to have better explantions of what the word means or other things.

My second strategies are to look at what the information is about and then write it in my own words.

March 1

BTN-First Fleet



3 Recalls-pink

2 Questions-green

insight-dark blue

This BTN Video was about the first fleet and how criminals got sent off to Australia.

Elizabeth Haywood she was 13 yrs old she was apprentice in london she was paid a tiny bit of money.

John Hanson he is 9 yrs old he has been in a orphan he made a living by sweeping and said that it was HORRIBLE.

In the 1970s Jails were filled, they were poor hungry and thirsty.

my first question is did the criminals get food and water?

my second question is how long did it take to get to Australia?

i was wondering did people die through out the fleet?



March 1

BTN-Aboriginal-The Encounter



3 Recalls-orange

2 questions-dark blue


This BTN video was about a girl seeing a cow and also seeing the boat people on the island.

when Waruwi saw the cow they were confused about what to call the BIG Monster.

 Waruwi’s Nana said that her smoke was surposed to get rid of the mosquitos.

and Waruwi said to Nana that the boat people were coming and said that they were Ghost people.

one question is that why is boat people called ghost people?

second question is how can Waruwi see so far that she can see the boat people does the video zoom in so it looks like she can see them?

i was wondering why was the little kid playing the drums infront of 3 men?