February 26


hi my names is ryan if you didn’t know i think i should be S.R.C because im honest im polite and im organize (still working on it) but im optimistic i care for others But  I dont really like talking public.

I hope you can help me talk public P.S please. And im not bossy to anyone and i have pretty good leadership.

so i hope i can be a S.R.C member and be helpful :).

February 6


today was safer internet day where we were on the webinar were greg (I think) was telling the story about this girl wanted to apply this lollie bag comp. She had to audition for it, and she had to post it on

FUNTUBE when she posted it she got REALLY BULLIED. the comp was named  lollylab jnr,

and she got 1st place in the lollylab jnr and she got to make her VERY OWN LOLLY MAKER THINGY.

And then lots of people was contacting her and didnt know what to do. But her lolly were still in the store.

and the lollys was sent every where and she was famous!